Hello….fashion…! Being my first post I was tad bit confused on what to write about .However, it hit me..!!Why not write about being comfortable in what u wear. Since I was in my favourite comfortable  shorts …Yaas..!!!Got it.

Denim on denim.



I layered my bright denim shorts with a long oversized shirt, slightly darker shade of denim and added  on a  black vest on for that simple edgy look. This is an effortless chic look that I bet so many can pull off. The good part about is that, it can serve  in many escapades; be it a hangout ,an event or a stay home cool look.


I blended it with these thick heeled black boots to add that cool factor to the outfit. The buckles on the boots bring out that hard punk edginess on the look. They are easy to walk, dance and run in.. So you sorted in all angles

That sporty look on  denim.


I slightly changed the outfit adding on a college jacket and white shoes. Also comfortable but gives u that sporty edge. Be on point without trying to hard for that hang-out with friends Not comfortable in shorts or the weather isn’t friendly..!!Well, substitute with a pair of ripped jeans it will serve the same purpose as the shorts. So attain that comfy effortless edgy look without too much effort. As coco said,“ fashion has  two purposes  comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”



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