That day you wake up and as u try to get off the bed but you can’t let go those warm sheets.


Well, today was my lazy day…!!So, after a crazy previous day, full of errands I decided to stay on my bed ,read a book ,enjoy my coffee and relax. Taking that me time .Yey!!



Kissed by an Angel


It’s a book that entails two love birds whose love is seen to be stronger than death .Crazy right..!The love between Ivy and Tristan is magnificent to say the least. The chemistry is incredible and worth being jealous off. Even after Tristan death the love brings him back to ivy to protect her against the impending danger. However after saving her his mission on earth will be over and leaves her behind. Get to see if ivy loses her superman forever. Amazing!!! That’s all I have to say about the book although am not yet done reading, the energy of love is taking over me .For all romantic novel lovers check it out. Hoping the sneak peek gives you enough reason to go read it.



Mode: Relaxing-;On my bed, reading a book and browsing… 

Drink: Coffee-;A good day is well started off with a well-made cup of black coffee

Book: Kissed by an Angel-;A romantic novel am currently reading.

Quote for the week;-“The ultimate relaxation nourishes your mind,body and spirit”


(Photography by ; Laura Owendi  )





40 thoughts on “JUST RELAX

  1. Peter Mwangi says:

    Finally i decided to check this out after by passing this on my TL for way too long and i am not disappointed, i love the simplicity the content and the direction you taking. Love this one. More power to you Jay!! poised for better things i can tell…Go for it!!! Bless you

    Liked by 1 person

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