Greetings loyals’… Hoping your week has been wonderful and still is, full of love, as mine  has.Although it has been a cold week,I decided  to share an example of an all-black outfit that I mostly end up wearing on a calm day after a long battle with myself on which colours to mix and match when heading for an  errand or hangout,”Yellow…NO,red…NO,blue…NO,heck!”

For  weird reason I always  end up settling for black,”Yes all black,just weird.” However, I normally add on few pieces to break that all  black on black outfit. Hey…!We don’t want  looking all creepy, no?


Black Top:  A simple casual sleeveless top.

Boater  Hat: I chose to throw it on for that sleek look on the outfit.It brings that oomph factor.Am in love…!With the hat.


Nude lip: Since i got this nude matte lipstick I put it on everday and i mean everday  immediately i get off  the bed.”When a woman loves…♪”



Bag: Blended this outfit with  a brown leather bag.You can never go wrong with a neutral color.



Black Trousers: I went for a slightly ripped pair to add some edge in the look



Shoes: I added on this white comfy pair.To break that head to toe black theme.


Chocker:  Well,this is where I wear my fighting gloves on.Why? I came across some funny memes and quotes of ladies who wear this neck pieces.For those who have heard or seen them,”NOT TRUE!” Those who haven’t please don’t look for those false statements,”IT’S ALL FALSE!” I rest my case…!


Thought: A person should never get judged on what she or he is or not wearing.”This first impression maxim has been taken too far. Stop…!”

Obsessing: over my nude lipstick.Ladies you  got to check  it out.Join my club

Prayer : To all families involved  in Huruma collapsed building.God is over all.


(Photography by :Laura Owendi )


Kisses 🙂



25 thoughts on “BLACK ON BLACK VIBES.

  1. KiKi says:

    nice, i love…. and hahah about the chokers 😅.. the memes were about the tuchuma ones, tuspring kinda chokers. …


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