Hello am Jayd Wambui and today it’s all about an African Woman.My opinion on an African woman is; she is confident, opinion former, independent thinker, determined, smart, elegant, a friend, a sister, daughter, mother who goes against all odds to stand firm for what she believes in.She is kind, loving and beautiful in and out.

Since we getting to end-month,

I want to celebrate a wonderful African woman I have been around in my two decades that God has blessed me with and has completely changed my life,Mummy.Taking care of four not one but four annoying kids.Annoying, we forever fight with each other(my siblings I mean);teli-remote issues, errand issues, noise issues and all other funny stupid issues that siblings fight about.No beef though.However she always knows how to stop the rage in the air but sometimes she is in no mood for our WWW E soo she chases us out of the house“Tokeni nje!Mkitaka kupigana mpigane alafu mrudi niwachune yakumalizia.”Hehe.With a threat of kuchunwa we shut up and everyone routes to his or her room.Kids! Handling children like us mehn…Strong mama.

Happy mummy,always appreciates life with all the hardships it has given her.Seeing the most important woman in your life struggle and can still afford a smile bring tears to my eyes.Why hurt the good people?You should see me right now am tearing up like crazy,I can’t see my screen properly.Agggghh!The love I have for her I can neither explain it on paper nor in words.Sick.

She is the lady I talk with when am down… when am happy… when am lost …and when am am hurt with my boyfriend,kidding!Haha,She will skin me.Am always young for that.*Roll eyes* When will I grow up in her eyes and one day I come home and am like“Aky mum ‘Mungai’cheated on me with a kilady(anger talk)“or “Mum! The date with Mungai was amazing!”and gossip about it as we usually do about politics.Sigh.Anyway,when life uses its bullet on me she always knows the best way to pull them out.Although I wish she could be easy with Mungai’s story.Ha!One day one time she will, fingers crossed.

Mum,deserves the best wife ever.”When I grow up nataka kuwa kama mum”.This statement I used since I could say a full statement.Why?The laundry, making sure we are clean, always making sure our tummy’s are full,the house is ever clean,dad is well fed his clothes are well ironed and the list is endless.Regardless of how young you are, you can sense a hard-worker and for me she was the one.The role model I want to be when I grow up.The dream still leaves on.I want to be like mum one day.

Ok if I continue talking about mum i will write a novel or two.

I celebrate all the amazing mums and the mother figures out there who have gone to incredible heights to take care and raise their children blood or not.As we bid the mother’s month adios! Remind her of how wonderful she is actually try doing it everyday you will forever make her day.I also celebrate all African lady’s for I can testify being one,it’s not that easy ;it takes confidence,independence,strength to be a well valued woman.Cheers to being an African woman!

My thought; Appreciate that woman(or women) in your life because she is the one who has given you,your mum,dad,sister,brother,friend,wife and will give you children or has already given one or two little totos.

Always; sipping from a cup of coffee.This cold!Has no mercy on us, jeez.

Watching; Vampire diaries, am really dragging behind following up with the current series on the chats.Sigh.I must say the liking for Damon is fading away maybe coz his bad boy character is not all that amusing nowadays or he is now married.Not sure.Stop thinking of the F word not even close.I will always be a Panther.Hehe

Obsessed: with a whatsapp emoji,the one with eyes looking up.Thank you for whoever invented this emoji I really needed it. My new bff.

Trying; to figure out how snapchat can consume all those mbs and am yet to start snap-chatting.

Quote of the week; “Silent gratitude isn’t very much use to anyone.”

 Feeling; like an African Queen.Embracing my femininity with this green gorgeous dress, from Jackie; 0708236271.














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