Converted_14Yaas…!Weekend is here and for me its all about relaxing after a long week of hustle.Since it’s a Friday I will talk less, okay, write less.So today it’s all about being bold in red.

Bold Friday.

Today’s outfit comprises of a red maxi badge skirt and my-oh-my the tang of red is overwhelming.It takes a bold heart to play around with it.So I’ll show you a simple way to pull off the red maxi and attain a chic fun look.I paired it with a black crop  showing off the mid-section.Haha. It’s all about mainataining the sassiness.To cover up,I put on a monochrome wind breaker (Hehe.Yes,I still call it that, highschool…highschool… highschool…the good old bad days.See what I did there.)a half coat in better words and a pair of black strappy heels to add a zing in the outfit.Added on a few accessories;a neck piece and two rings to avoid messing up the outfit.The main aim it’s to attain a simple, bold,chic and fun look and not  an over accessorised one.

Rock a bold look with less effort used.Be bold this Friday.

Converted - Copy

Converted_9Converted_1 - Copy

Converted_8Converted_7Converted_4Converted_3Converted_16Converted_18Converted_2 - CopyConverted_17Converted_21Converted_11Converted_23Converted_22

(PHOTOGRAPHY BY:Laura Owendi )

Happy weekend folks!


31 thoughts on “BOLD IN RED.

  1. Ngige (Gigz) says:

    Jayd is a very very beautiful girl for sure. I am never disappointed every other week. you do you girl.
    I am a man and impressed. shows alot girl!

    Love the Red.
    Looking Electrifying.


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