Hello loyal…,bad news first,my weekend mehn! Was not all that great a couple of things happened but am all well, hoping yours was amazing.Enjoying the weird July sun.So,when i took this photos it was really cold,am amazed with how the weather is,the sun is all out.However,it might change and when that happens I want you to be stylishly equipped.Today we looking at how to layer up in cold days.I find dressing up in cold days difficult but am sure there  those who disagree thus lets agree to disagree.In my outfit I brought the summer wear and warmed it up with a white knitted sweater and a black coat.So inside the knit i have a short summer dress that I paired with a pair of black stockings to cover up,added on a pair of brown leather boots(which I love…love…looo…ve from Le Shoe Game) to bring a slight edge to the look.Layered it all up with a black semi-long official coat for cool vibe and a black sling bag with brown lining to bring the whole look together.The outfit is a neutral based for those who love earth toned looks you should try this.Warm and stylish.




Summer Dress – Gift

white knitted Sweater- Toi Market

black Stocking- Can’t remember but am sure you have a nice spot you can get a pair.

Black coat – Toi Market

Brown leather shoes- Le Shoe Game(where all the shoe magic happens.For more amazing and incredible shoes tap on the name Le shoe game for more details.Ladies if you are  a shoe lover that’s the place to look)

Bag- Lavie Bags(Want to buy a high quality bag?Get Lavie Bags at Bagsbay_KE.Gorgeous  bags available.Tap on the  name Lavie bags and bagsbay_KE to check your options)

Neck piece – Dubois Street



 24m_5682.jpg24M_566324M_567424M_569424M_568724M_565224M_565824M_563424M_567324M_5648( PHOTOGRAPHY BY;   Sami Khan)

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TO ALL OUR MUSLIM FRIENDS EID MUBARAK ; Wishing that this Eid  Allah blesses you with lots of happiness ,success and grace your home with warmth and peace! 🙂

Love Love




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