There was a day I wore shorts in the house and all hell broke loose.Mum was

on my case for several weeks.That period when ladies were being stripped remember?My days  became weird.I got each article and was forwarded all texts that were related with the consequences of wearing short dresses and getting stripped.LOL,I got them all(most of them i think).Funzo kutoka kwa mama.Things were really bad, just because of wearing short…shorts!!You probably wondering what happened.Well,aloo…t of convincing and aloo…t of drama went down.I am pretty sure not all  can wear this outfit(Shorts) .Don’t worry I completely understand.I was once there not only permission wise but also having guts to slide in a pair.It horrified me.Anyway things happened not sure what changed but they happened.Maybe Self-confidence grew in me,I bet.What else could it be?Its a matter of appreciating your body and trust me it will help in wardrobe change.A good sassy change.Shorts are not only trashy but can also be classy.Lucky for me,she came around.You can easily substitute  with a pair of skinny jeans.

Sad part.

Since this cold has taken over am unable to rock a pair.Sigh.I just so it fit to remember those sunny days and appreciate them when they lasted .One of my favorite outfits in my closet.It oozes of confidence right?Cocktail outfit,look classy but chic;serious but fun;hot but sophisticated.



Shorts- Given by a friend 🙂

Top- Toi Market

Coat- its  a liitle old can’t actually remember.Sorry.

Emerald Lavie Bag – from  Bagsbay__KE   

Printed Shoes – Le_Shoe game

(lovely…lovely! shoes.Falling in love each day.How lucky am I.Haha.As usual for all shoe lovers tap on the colored name to see more fabulous goodies)

Neckpiece -Dubois Street

Bracelet/ring -Made them myself 🙂



THANKS FOR PASSING BY(Remember to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t)

Lovely Weekend!!!






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