24M_6096After a fabulous week you bound to itch for more fun in the weekend to end the week on a high note.Who doesn’t?I got you covered on the outfit end.I tend to believe that dressing for a night out should be the most easiest part in the fashion hullabaloo.As long as you follow one simple rule you will make those jaws drop…”stay true to your style.”Yes people! stay true because people around can easily see you tried too hard to bring out a look which its so evident you not comfortable in plus worse scenario,your outfit flops.With comfort in comes abundant confidence.We don’t want to lose the power of confidence do we?

Anyways today being a Friday,

thought of sharing this little hot blue number that has been staring at me in my closet for a while now and what better time to share it other than today,yey!The lace coverage brings the ullah lallah feeling to the look not forgetting the folding of the lower section of the dress.What’s more exciting it’s a whole package of class,sassy,fun and flirty all in one.Amazing!right.Paired it with this “weapons”,haha,the shoes,since my dress is a little bit on the on the safe side, I used my shoes to take it up a notch and they did mama proud.These spiky shoes are horrifying at a first glance but they are so comfortable when you try them on as for the black straps,they bring more fun vibe to the pair.Shoe power to sum it all up.To close down the ensemble I added on a few pieces to bling the outfit up and all in all it came out exquisite.Dressing up for a night out should not be a task to stress about, pick a simple outfit and add on some hardcore pieces to make it stand out.Hey…hey…party time!Cheers.



Lace dress; Thrift

Shoes; Le_Shoe_Game (As always,my weekly reminder;check out the page for more gorg shoes for all the shoe lovers out there…don’t be left behind :))

Jewelry; self-made24M_604724M_605224M_605824M_608724M_602824M_602424M_602224M_604324M_6016



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