24m_6288-01.jpegHappy new month Fam,

It’s been such a short journey but quite tough since I started my blog if I may say.It’s really fun doing what am doing(blogging) but it has its fair share of challenges 😛 .Can’t complain though because your massive support has kept me going.I hereby appreciate and thank all my avid readers and supporters for the encouragements you’ve given me,be it direct or indirect.The support on my pages has been amazing,may God’s blessing reach you.Without you all…,lemmi even not think about it.I hope you will continue being my backbone as I continue on with this journey.24m_6289-01-01.jpeg

Five months now  since I started, I know right!This months are flying like crazy but it’s all good.Today being my first post of the month, I went with a bold  blue chiffon maxi-skirt that evidently makes the outfit stand out and a black off-the shoulder top that I gravitate to for a sophisticated,yet a fun look.Where would I dress like this?Anywhere with a classy theme to it;church,an event(weddings) and a night date(of course *wink*).Red pair,were my choice for this outfit since red oozes of class and confidence and on my hand, I have an emerald clutch amazingly thrift with gold coated details on it that brings the magic of beautiful to the outfit.

Wallah!wp-1470449873352.jpegOUTFIT DETAILS;

Skirt – Tailor-made by Winnie ->(0713774677)

Top – Toi Market

Shoe-LE SHOE GAME(Where all the juiciness of shoes is found :p)

Bag – Thrift.(Yea!I find myself lucky sometime well most of the time.Haha.Walk with me.)wp-1470449934585.jpegwp-1470449822329.jpegwp-1470450522801.jpegwp-1470450277369.jpegwp-1470450221576.jpegwp-1470450386730.jpegwp-1470449964533.jpegwp-1470449822329.jpegwp-1470450445069.jpegwp-1470450081801.jpegPHOTOGRAPHY BY;SAMI KHAN )

QUOTE OF THE MONTH; Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers,the believers and thinkers,but most of all ,surround yourself with those who see greatness within you even when you don’t see it yourself.





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