24m_0849.jpgWhat’s with this weather anyway?Well am pissed really pissed mehn…this week I have been playing ‘Kati’(hope that’s how it’s spelt.haha.That ball game, players run around)with the weather.Sigh.I lost not ones but for three good days.Okay,this is my little sad story; I dress up for a cold day;heavy sweater,scarf, a nice warm hat and BAAaa…M!The the sun comes out 😦 !Agghh, then when am all pumped,sure the sun will grace us with its warms rays I dress lightly(of course) and guess what?That’s the day it decides to take the day off.So yesterday on Thursday,I decided to dress lightly regardless of the cold since I thought the weather will change as it has been doing for the past days but nooo…It didn’t.Heck!I froze almost the whole day.This week the weather got me real good and yeah that’s why am pissed,I have been playing a lost game.


I had to vent first.Haha.So this furahi-yaay decided to give you my

simple happy look.You probably wondering why i called it that well simple,because am happy in the outfit(LOL).The blue and orange mash-up on the dress and its fine length is incredible making it a refined look for a relaxed weekend with friends or family.As you all know by now, comfort-ability and class  is one rule I forever abide to in my outfits and with this number it was a win win for me.Simple and classy.Added on a blue pair and also featured a few jewelry to spice it all up and most of all give it that playful vibe.Not forgetting the gorgeous black sling from Bagsbay_KE  that just completed the whole look.What more do I need to be happy in my outfit?Nothing.Effortless mashup.You know what, even after having a hectic and dramatic week full of weather games, am happy that you are reading this right now it means the world to me.Thank you 🙂

Happy look :pwp-1470927514079.jpeg



Shoes- at the amazing Shoe Attitude (Click)

Bag- at Bagsbay_KE (click)

Watch-at Bagsbay_KE (Lovely watches are sold too.Click)

Neckpiece/bracelet- from Ian Mutai-(To buy fabulous cool jewelry call ->0718912484.You won’t get disappointed,trust me!)

Mid-Rings-Dubois Streetwp-1470928482525.jpegwp-1470928665956.jpegwp-1470927550160.jpegwp-1470927898919.jpeg24m_0870.jpgwp-1470927999046.jpegwp-1470928025851.jpeg24m_0858.jpgwp-1470928445685.jpeg24m_0845-01.jpegwp-1470927891920.jpeg



Lots of love.



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