24m_1032-3.jpg.jpegIt’s been a minute,how time flies,It was just a week ago I was on the weather’s case and boy am I happy.The sun,the August sun has finally graced us.Happy me.Yey!


Have I ever mentioned how I love…love shorts?Am pretty sure I have.Why?They give me that cool,fun,bubbly and cute feeling when I am in a pair.Enough reasons to love them right?Today’s post I featured a few of my fav pieces in my closet that I mostly dress in on my lazy days.I get those days a lot!Happens to the best of us(lol).So my most favorite piece is the knitted sweater that I collected in Toi market at an extreme affordable price(It takes a keen eye to get such a fashionable piece at an insane good price),it adds a crisp touch to the outfit plus a warm fuzzy look to it;laid it on a grey hoodie-top and a pair of denim shorts with slight cut-outs making it edgier and supper fresh(it’s all in the detail guys,it’s all in the details) and to spice it all up I added on multi-colored shoes and a few jewelry from accessorizewithIM and Bagsbay_KE.Get to check the pages for amazing and unique pieces available.Simple,how do I look? J

24m_1013-2.jpg.jpegOUTFIT DETAILS;

Sweater – Toi Market

Top / Shorts-I collected them on one of my errands in Nairobi,can’t pin point the exact location because I honestly can’t remember.

Bag / Watch- from Bagsbay_KE

Shoes –The Shoe Attitude

Neckpiece/Bracelets –accessorizewithIM24m_1007-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1029-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1024-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1019-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1018-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1050-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1054-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1046-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1040-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1064-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1074-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1069-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1026-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1036-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1005-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1011-2.jpg.jpeg24m_0999-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1032-2.jpg.jpeg24m_1059-2.jpg.jpeg



So much love from,






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