By now you all know my love for fashion is unconditional;amazing clothes,jaw dropping or simple neat shoes,casual makeup,a little bling here and there  etc to mention a few.It’s been a sweet journey to share my love of fashion and now am about to share another sweetheart of mine.Haha.One…two..three…okay before I mention what it is,I genuinely want to thank all my loyal supporters for the amazing support you’ve offered to me.Abundant love from I,Wambui Maina(Beingjaydjay).Back to what I was going to say earlier,let’s count again yes?To avoid spoiling the fun.haha.One…two…three…four we should count till hundred right?You probably getting tired of my lost game(am sure you in the know already)eyy…,anyway here goes everything my-other-lover-is(drum rolls)FOOD!I even wrote it in caps lock(LOL).Yeah who doesn’t love it anyway.Food,be it veggies,nice grilled ribs,cheesy carbs,juicy fruits;getting hungry already, love them all.This is the part I admit to you guys how much of a foodie I am.Sikupenda kwangu ni hali ya maisha.Yes I used that Juacali line.I probably use it a battalion of times in my day today ‘shughuli’ mostly when am in a point of justifying a crisis I am in but am not saying this is one, being a foodie isn’t,NO!I love and proud to be one.With that said,am happy you now know who this lover of mine is.Smile for me (say cheese 🙂 )img_20160826_171810-2.jpg.jpeg

So today’s post

is a little bit different from the rest but different in a delicious way.It marks my first time to post a food article on Le blog,just wanted to slid a little from the norm and am glad I did.It’s not only fashion that this mummy loves but also food too(cooking & eating)and as we move one you will discover more and more about beingjayjay :).

So as mum raised me from that young little girl to a lady I am now she taught me that a classic African lady must know her way around the kitchen.The idea is not knowing where the vijoko,cups,sufurias etc are situated at in the kitchen but to know how to prepare an edible food that a human can ingest.Was I too hard?Hehe. I bet not, truth be told.Any-who, for me I grew up learning to make some dishes all thanks to this God-given-being,Mama.Love her to bits and with all the adventure I had while learning I have encountered some non-pleasing things in the  kitchen getting burnt,having a major disagreement with the knife jeez…!Let me stop there those two still make me cringe but oh-well things that come with cooking.Super careful when am at work in the kitchen.That said, today I prepared a simple meal that anyone can easily prepare with no too much hustle in the kitchen.One of my fav lazy meals.Why I say that is because, it doesn’t require too much energy to get it ready just a few simple steps that I will later outline and wallah!Something delish for you to enjoy.




½ cup of finely chopped red onion

2 diced tomatoes

½ cup of finely chopped red and yellow pepper bells

3 cloves of garlic

½ tea spoon of curry powder

½ teaspoon of tandoori masala

Pinch of salt to taste

3 sticks of French beans (number is to your liking)

1 sweet corn


2 well-whipped eggs

Vegetable oil for cooking


Boil the spaghetti,French beans and the sweet corn in medium heat for at least 20 minutes.Drain the excess water and put the pot a side for later use.Make sure not to overcook them to avoid making the spaghetti mushy, killing the vitamins in the French beans and the sweet taste of the corn.If you not a good timer,keep on having a taste once in a while to avoid that.

Next,in a pan(or sufuria)add your red onion,garlic,oil and let it simmer until the golden brown  color starts to appear.This will take about one or two minutes.Add your diced tomatoes into the pan let them heat up.I like my tomatoes melted down by the heat so I mash them up to a paste.Apparently,I don’t like the taste of cooked tomatoes no…no…NO for me.After, add all the pepper bells(hoho),spices and ½ a cup of hot water and allow them to simmer for about 6-10 minutes to allow all the spices to blend with each other.It will form a thick paste and a sweet aroma that will be calling your neighbors like crazy :p.Then add the eggs in the paste.Stir till the eggs are cooked.

Add the spaghetti,French beans and the chopped corn into the mix.Stir gently.Make sure they properly mix without crushing the spaghetti.Let them cook for 5 minutes since everything was cooked,our aim here is to let all the ingredients mix and join each of their flavors together.Once your done serve and top the served bowl with three coriander leaves and the circular coughetti on the side,to give it an amazing presentation and add little vitamin on the plate.Why not?DONE!!Simple right?

For an amazing creamy taste grate the cheese of your choice on the meal and there!Sit and enjoy a mouth-watering bowl of spaghetti and spiced scrambled eggs.img_20160826_173231-2.jpg.jpeg

Apologies:For not laying out the method in pictures it was an impromptu decision:P, to do a food post today but next time I will be fully prepared.Sorry…Hope the foodies and those who love their time in the kitchen can prepare this meal and see how amazing it tastes.


Thanks for visiting today;




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