wp-1472839904478.jpegHey you… Hope you had a happy week. As for me,I spent mine indoors and what a chilled week I had.Had my me-time and also had an opportunity to think about life,made a few adjustments on my future goals and a good workplan to achieve them. Mehn it was such a constructive and a calm week if I may say.

Almost all white. 

There is something so calm and mood enhancing about white, with a glimpse of it the first thing that  comes to mind is  how peaceful the color is.I must say am no fun of white,I find it such a risky color to play around with plus a day of maintenance for this color may be a horrendous but hey today I thought why not try it and see the outcome. The  results were thumbs up. Went for simple and  fun look added a few pieces to break the almost all white outfit.It turned out greatwp-1472839904478.jpeg

From the top, the burgundy boater hat,there is a wow factor about this colour that makes it my fav among the shades of red,its soft and tasteful,that’s my main reason for  adding it onto the outfit. White knit top,a breathtaking piece with its off the shoulder feature that brings a fun feel to it which I surely loved all the way.Who doesn’t?

Okay,am such a big fun of patterned silhouettes and thats why I went for this simple high waist skirt that brings unquestionable life  to the  outfit,I really can’t imagine the look with out it. Shoe lovers!Hello,here is where we raise our glasses and salut to this white gorgeous pair that i got from Le Shoe Game.They exude undoubtful class that someone finds it hard not to fall in love with and with all these pieces merged together you just start loving white if you didn’t and those who did love it more.Lovely week folks!wp-1472829302211.jpeg


Hat -from Lavender :-0708604046

Top -Thrift

Skirt -From my sister’s wardrobe.We always fight when it comes to doing  shopping in each other’s closet but hey… what are sisters for 🙂

Shoe Game – Le Shoe Game(Where you fall in love with all shoes)wp-1472829212983.jpegwp-1472831089306.jpegwp-1472880899681.jpeg




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