wp-1473314413733.jpegAppreciating yourself is one of the basic things that is important in building a strong self-esteem.For me I have come through a long way.I do remember,once I used to struggle with my weight and I found myself not confident enough not even to wear a sleeveless.I know right, it doesn’t seem like it but I have a long story to tell which today is not the day.However,you will see a post soon for more details one of these fine days.Without my mum and good friends I would be sinking in pain,regret,hate,low esteem and no confidence right now but look at me,enjoying life as it unveils itself and the confidence is back full-force.I had to change a few of my ways and attitude to get to where I am now but it was all step by step since it wasn’t easy. Thus bringing me to this skater dress that I feel so sexy in it.You probably wondering what happened to this sister who saw sleeveless as an enemy to wearingΒ  this sassy black skater dress,well,attitude definitely changed,a little exercise here and there and decided to stop making myself a victim and correct my actions.


If you are not happy with what you have now or where you are,hustle hard and believe harder to get to what/where will make you happy each day everyday,its not easy but if you want it you have to fight for it.Wonderful week darlings!

shoes: from LE SHOE GAME

Watch: from Bagsbay_KE

Bracelet: from accessorizewithIM

Midrings: from Dubois Street

wp-1473314596090.jpegwp-1473314615013.jpegwp-1473314477202.jpegwp-1473314510242.jpegwp-1473314426998.jpegwp-1473314439235.jpegwp-1473314450184.jpegwp-1473314585905.jpegwp-1473314538621.jpegwp-1473314487776.jpegwp-1473314555616.jpegwp-1473314517805.jpeg24m_0760-01.jpeg(PHOTOGRAPHY BY; SAMI KHAN )

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16 thoughts on “SKATER

    • chiqfleek says:

      Thank you so much
      Shoe is from Le shoe game. Click on the link (tap Le shoe game*colored*) it will directly take you to a page that will help you get in touch with the owner of le shoe game and more quality amazing shoes.


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