The souls of my shoes

24m_5719.jpg“A shoe is not only design but its a part of your body language,the way you walk, the way you’re going to move is quite indicated by your shoes.” quoted

With that said my love affair with shoes has been wild to say the least.How it all started can’t recall much but what i do remember is that,it has been there for a very long time.The weird part is,it grows as days goes by, though,no regrets attached.They have always held a portion in my lifestyle.Between heels and flats? Both.Why? For a shoe lover we are always open minded with every design of the shoe, because every pair has its day. A day for stilettos and a day for Pump, a day for platform and a day for peep toe, a day for knee high and a day for thigh high, a day for converse and a day for slip-on, a day for ankle strap and a day for tee strap and the list is endless.However it all depends on one-self but for me,if a shoe is to my liking i pick and never look back.haha:P.Therefore, today’s post i have set it aside to review each pair featured in my previous posts.Let’s flashback and explore a few jewels that kept my feet happy.

NUDE STILETTOS;Every lady needs a pair,very versatile,can work for most occasions with out doing your outfit any injustice.Casual,official name it you can’t easily go wrong.Converted_7.dng


CONVERSE;That moment all you want is pure comfort and you can easily move out and about,well this is the perfect pair for the job.

FRINGE PEEP TOE;there is something wonderful that fringe does to an outfit that is magical,and in this shoe its light nude color plus the fringe isΒ  feminine and edgy in perfect harmony.24m_6163.jpg

BROWN LEATHER ANKLE BOOT;When the cold sneaks in,sneak them too.Stylish pair to keep your feet warm.Be stylishly warm.


BLACK CAGED OPEN TOE HEEL;They exude class and playful all mashed in one.Beautiful.

PRINTED OPEN TOE HEEL;my all time faves,from the print to the tee straps what more can I…love…love!


KNEE-HIGH TANNED GLADIATORS;Aaaah…!The first time i laid eyes on this glorious pieces i was dumbfounded.The magnificence that oozed from them left me in LOVE, not to mention the feeling after sliding my feet in them,goodness,i can’t start describing the amazing feeling.It’s sexy in all the girlie-st ways.Β  24m_5829.jpg

SPIKED PATTERNED PLATFORM;Party mood?This is the it pair to have fun with.Daring the fashion on another level.Demanding that attention without even a snap of you fingers.What’s better or cooler than that.Party with the shoe even before the real party begins. 24M_6058SLIP-ONS;Looking for maximum comfort look no more.They are life savors.Always have a pair of slip-ons with you.They come very much in handy,how?Well,sometimes after a long time in heels,you tend to get tired or discomforts arise up or also,the heel sometimes over a slip they end up breaking(I have experienced those bad days first hand.It’s never cute),here is where the slip-ons come in handy.They are comfy,very easy to carry in your bag and also fashionable.

WEDGES;Who says heels are difficult to walk in with wedges around?Alert!These are the best choice.Why?For those who find it difficult to walk in pointed heels then wedges are your way to go.Easy to support your body in them and so you shouldn’t worry about stumbling all around.For a classy look pick a neat pair and you good to go.Always timeless and flawless.

PATTERNED WEDGE; Always timeless and edgy.Fits a casual look almost perfect.Flirty but at the same time classy.




Heels from –LE SHOE GAME



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