24m_1667-01.jpegWhen all you want is enjoy your summer days dressed in shorts, denims, dashing and vibrant head pieces and open gladiator but

schoolΒ is getting a little hectic…and that explains my delays on my weekly post.Apologies.However I decided to share a summer look that I enjoyably put together for you😊which I loved.I must say there is something about shorts that makes my inner girly girl happy,really… happy and that’s why I had to incorporate them in my today’s outfit. More-so my love for shorts is vast,maybe because am always more comfy in a pair than trousers or skirts and dresses.Anyway,I also featured a few cool thrift pieces for that refined summer look;open toe gladiators, and Lord…!The price will super surprise you (100 bob, I know right,got them around school) they have an edgy-boho vibe to it which i gravitated to, an oversized denim shirt which is also thrift, a black jockey bustier bringing that sassiness to the look and lastly an ankara headpiece which is easy to make and it ultimately brought some unique geometry in my summer outfit.Added on a splash of ombre lippie(dark brown and nude lipstick) and a pair of one of my fav sunnies and the outfit was complete.Wallah!!Simple and effortless summer look.24m_1628-01.jpeg


Summer thrift24m_1633-01.jpeg24m_1616-01.jpeg24m_1631-01.jpeg24m_1650-01.jpeg24m_1651-01.jpeg24m_1665-01.jpeg24m_1639-01.jpeg24m_1659-1-01.jpeg


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Happy week loves!!! 😘


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