24m_1772-02.jpegHello everyone!

Its been a while since I did my last post. Jeez…!been quite busy with school work since  exam period is around the corner however as i mentioned on my instargram page (Wambui Maina)a post was to come through and Yaaas… here it is! :)Regardless of the bone chilling weather a girl gotta look gorg in her dress.

So,today I featured a beautiful friend of mine Sarah who helped me put together the shades of brown outfit and made it look so effortless and to say the least gorgeous(I mean It all calls for a dinner date with friends right!).To some of us who love a little color pop here and there may find dressing in earth-tones seem a little boring for a day-to-day outfit or an event however by the end of this post you will see its a matter of finding the right pieces and then,you can easily  bring out a breathtaking outfit by combining neutrals and neutrals(like Sarah’s shades of brown).

Neutrals are life and that’s why am a firm subscriber that neutral trends are prime factor in fashion (ask Kanye.Haha.) and with that said I hope you do enjoy your weekend dear ones!Keep warm!

24m_1767-01.jpegOUTFIT DETAILS;

clutch- from Lavie Bags

Shoes/Dress- both from Adams

So is today’s outfit thrift too just like the previous one!24m_1775-01.jpeg24m_1768-01.jpeg24m_1782-01.jpeg24m_1780-01.jpeg24m_1772-01.jpeg24m_1753-01.jpeg24m_1767-01.jpeg24m_1781-01.jpeg24m_1782-01.jpeg



As always thank you for visiting today:)

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