img_20170210_225038.jpgI don’t always wear strapless tops, maybe,because am always hesitant of a little shoulder showoff,however,today I decided to try something out of my comfort zone and so far the experience has been great.trouser-8.jpgMy fears were both to get sun burns and always thought my shoulders were weirdly broad.More so,I always laid a sweater on top,you know to hide my ‘broad shoulders’,the few  times i wore such kind but after checking out the photos I was super excited.We all have our comforts but it’s the time you step away from them that you realize there were so many amazing things you were missing.Am not only talking about fashion but also business ideas,relationships,e.t.c(Yass!You know yours, add it/them to the list,that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but you end up not doing it because it’s ‘out of your comfort zone.’Aha!That one).Well beautiful human,am about to share something you might have been lucky enough to hear it but am happy to repeat it once more,great things never came from comfort zones but by stepping outside them.What do I mean?Before anything is really achieved one has to make an effort out of the ‘zone’ by doing what you’re afraid of,taking risks and by this you are able to discover something new about yourself maybe you always thought running it’s for those with long strides but after trying it you discover,It’s a matter of speed or wearing high heels it’s for the short ladies or petite ones and after trying it you realize,regardless of your height and weight you can rock a pair of ‘inch.However a coin has two sides,if the plunge doesn’t work,who cares? You tried it anyway and discovered something new about you boo:)

‘If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside the comfort zone ,then you’re forced to expand your consciousness.’ lex Brown.trouser-6.jpg

So,as we embrace this week of love let’s try do something out of our comfort zones and experience the amazingness that comes with it .Do enjoy your weekend folks!trouser-5.jpg




shoes-Le Shoe Game

jewellery -Duboistrouser-11.jpgtrouser-9.jpgtrouser-10.jpgtrouser-23.jpgtrouser-13.jpg


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