vals_24.jpgLove,a strong feeling of affection.

Happy valentines dear ones!img_20170213_173315_651.jpg

So most of us are in red,expecting a rose,waiting for a text wishing you a ‘happy valentines’,anticipate to have some amazing time with the better half,etc; it ’s basically a day of expectation (well,that’s what we were made to believe).However,today I would love to share with you something I read in the Saturday Nation(the magazine pg 6 and 7)that really caught my eye.

First,you must love thy-self and the rest follows.vals_51.jpg

It’s a beautiful story of two ladies who talk about loving,forgiving and accepting ourselves.All about self-love.It’s very important to know that love starts from within and this day being dedicated for sharing love,remember yourself as you do that;get to award yourself for what you’ve accomplished and then appreciate those who are close to you.

A few tips on self-love(reference from the SATURDAY NATION pg 7)

Self-awarness;Being aware of your own character and feelings,in that you have a clear perceptions of your weak points and strong ones.vals_20.jpg

Self-care;Paying attention to your wellbeing.vals_23.jpg

Self-forgiveness;The ability to forgive yourself for mistakes whether large or small and knowing that you are simply not perfectvals_32.jpg

Self-acceptance;Accepting yourself as you arevals_29.jpg

Self-esteem;Having confidence with your abilities and most of all respecting yourself.vals_26.jpg

Setting boundaries;Knowing your limits(emotionally,physically and mentally)vals_48.jpg

With that said,have a lovely valentine!vals_20.jpgvals_12.jpgvals_16.jpgvals_54-01.jpegvals_14.jpgvals_35.jpgvals_28.jpg








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