MANICURE MONDAYS 001; Scale-print nail Art

img_20170311_092914-01.jpegHello there!

Am Wambui Maina and am a sucker for an amazing manicure. If you meet me, I think that’s the first thing you will notice 🙂 mainly because am the one who does them by myself. You’re  probably wondering how and the time i do all this, well darling! You are about to find out.

So I started doing my manicures when i got a really bad one in a mani-shop and the worst part is, I had to still pay for it:(From that day I’ve never looked back. I have  been enjoying doing my manicure since I know what I want,how I want it done and most of all save some coins while at it.

Most of y’all have been loving how my nails look and to show my appreciation I decided to add a new segment in my blog called Manicure Mondays 🙂 Here am going to share a few tips and tricks to get an amazing manicure at a really affordable price. Yaassss!

So to start off this segment i did a scale print mani. Super easy and trust me, it doesn’t limit you to rock an outfit of choice, actually it does add a more fierce edge to it.It took me about 45 minutes to get all the nails done.img_20170311_083539-01.jpeg

*First if you decide to  use  acrylic or extensions find the right nail glue(am sorry i just  realized i didn’t take a photo of it but don’t worry in the next post i will definitely correct that)

*Get the right Acrylics that will fit your Nails(and maybe you would like a certain shape for your nails?Make sure to ask from the boutique you’re purchasing them  from. I always go for the almond shape acrylics)

*As You attach your nails  press against it for about 10 seconds to allow it to properly stick.

*Apply the nail Polish and let  it  dryimg_20170311_092720-01.jpeg

*Get a lace pattern cloth and place it on the nail.Pick a different color(preferably a metallic color it will work better.So i chose gold).Apply and let it dryimg_20170311_093152-01.jpegimg_20170311_094137-01.jpeg

*slowly peel the lace cloth from the acrylic and wallah! You get your scale print mani

*Do the same for the rest of the  nails to attain the full look.img_20170311_115013-02.jpeg

Simple right!


Types of nails – Aclyric

Manicure-Done Myself

Polish – CR Cairuo

Where to buy – Best ladiesimg_20170311_113813-01.jpeg

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12 thoughts on “MANICURE MONDAYS 001; Scale-print nail Art

  1. sheila says:

    and here I was thinking I had to save up for a nice manicure… that’s sone pretty creative and amazing nail art; and simple too. kudos!


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