img_20170320_084800.jpgMarble art, unique, chic and colorful.

Hello, hope you had an amazing weekend!!So today on Manicure Monday, I will show you how to do this amazing manicure. You will be shocked with how easy it is. A few pointers to help you get the best marble art. Let’s do this…

What you need;mn-19-01.jpeg.jpeg

  1. Nylon paper
  2. Five different nail polish or more (depending on how colorful you want your manicure to be but you definitely need a base-coat and topcoat for the finishing)
  3. Acrylics and nail glue (Optional)
  4. Cotton and Nail polish remover.


How to do it:

Step1; Apply the base coat on your nails/acrylic. Let it dry.

Step 2; Then apply a neutral colored polish (It can be either be different shades of nudes, white or black). Let it

Step 3; Pour a drop of each different polish including the neutral color you used in step 2.mn6-01.jpeg

Step 4; Take your nylon paper and carefully place it on your nail/acrylic and slightly move it (upwards and sideways) to allow the different colors of polish to blend to create the art.*Make sure your nail/acrylic is fully covered with the nylon paper to get the marble art fully on your nail/acrylic. Let it dry.mn7-01.jpeg

Step 5; Repeat the procedure with the rest of the nails.*To get a similar art on all your nails, remember the pattern you placed the drops of nail polish on the first finger and use it on all of the other nails.mn8-01.jpeg

Don’t worry it’s  slightly messy but a  nail polish remover will clean it up! 🙂mn-10-02.jpeg.jpeg

Step 6; Take a piece of cotton and pour a few drops of nail polish remover on it and carefully clean off the polish that’s around your nail. To get a neatly done mani.
Step 7; lastly, apply the top coat to get a shiny marble art manicure.mn17-01.jpeg

YOUR ARE DONE!!!Easy right? 🙂


Types of Nails- Acrylics

Manicure- Done by myself

Polish- Top lady and CR Cairuo

Where to buy- Best ladies or Duboisnails-1-3-01.jpeg.Thank you for stopping by

Have a blessed week!





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