conv_465.jpgYou survived what you thought would break you .Now straighten your crown and move forward like the Queen/King you are!

Hello there!

So today’s post will be short, simple and sweet πŸ™‚ A little life inspo for you, beautiful person. So a couple days ago a friend of mine asked me β€œIf you woke up and realized that you don’t know the one thing about life that is the most important, what would you do?” Confidently and honestly,I simply replied to the question β€œI would pray about it and ask God for understanding for such a situation.” Well, you probably wondering where am driving at …

Sometimes you reach a point in life and start questioning yourself, why am I doing this work? Why am I so in love with this human being? Why am I working so hard on this? Why, why and more why’s. Basically this comes after a long-term hurt or disappointments or unfruitfulness or all in one. Well dear, if deep down you feel what you questioning has a great impact in your life, ask for help.To me God is my best adviser, who’s yours? Find the best way to get help for your confusion be it asking a friend or going to a psychologist or a mentor, anyone who you trust when it comes to giving legit advice. However, remember you are the ultimate decision maker. If you feel after the advice,the situation is worth another chance and at the end of the day it doesn’t work out, then I think it would be better to walk away and try something new.

Most of the times love (for a certain work or for another person etc.) blinds us in a negative way and lets us deny that we are completely losing ourselves in the situation, which is not right .When something takes away your joy, happiness and you continuously question it then, I honestly feel you need to take a bow and leave. That’s not quitting, it is accepting you worked hard but it didn’t work out. Sometimes walking away is the best option to save yourself from the messed up situation.

However, it might not go all south, maybe, after a few consulting, getting a few advice and having a new strategy all works well. Good for you! You are lucky and be grateful for it. Sometimes all it takes is changing a few things to get your success. Be strong and don’t be afraid to ask for help it doesn’t show you are weak, actually, it shows how strong you are.

Have a lovely weekend!

So today’s outfit,my lbd with some fine pleats which is Super chic and edgy.conv_474.jpg


Dress- Adam’s Arcade

Bag- gifted

Shoes- Down town Nairobi (one of the many shoe shops around)conv_483.jpgconv_458.jpgconv_438.jpgconv_461.jpgconv_450.jpgconv_467.jpgconv_504.jpg


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