DSC_0041-(5)-01When the weather was so friendly and all I could do is smile real wide and enjoy the sun.

Hey loves!

So today am giving my two cents about body Insecurities!DSC_0016-(2)-01

Got any?

Is it big thighs? The tummy isn’t that flat? Your face isn’t all that smooth? Stretch marks? Big feet? Dark knees? The forehead is too big? Well the list is endless 😦

We ladies have so many demons to fight so as to achieve that ‘Real beauty’ .We all have insecurities…we all have that one thing if we were given a chance to change it, it would be a definite yes…without thinking twice. Well for me, it is normal since we all have a man-made perception of what true beauty is. It’s all in the magazines, televisions, radios,social medias,etc.So, how can we help ourselves from being convinced that beauty is having an hour glass body or and how to attain it is to starve and kill ourselves in the gym? I myself I haven’t been spared from this monsters. I too have insecurities which I have worked on and those that am currently working on.DSC_0079-(5)-01

Being a woman isn’t easy,as it has been made to look like but that doesn’t mean we need to stop living so as to satisfy the misconception that the world has made about true beauty. I know the struggle, I have starved myself, I’ve tried a few products to satisfy my urge of being perfect but No! It didn’t work. All I needed is to love me, be bold, be me and appreciate what I own. It’s not the flat tummy I want but I appreciate it whatsoever. I know that I can’t be that top skinny top model or have those Kylie lips or that long hair, so I’ve learnt to work with what I got hunny!Appreciating oneself brings out the true beauty, the glow on your face and the spark in your eyes.DSC_0106-(2)-01

Just because she is beautiful it doesn’t mean you aren’t. Yes we can’t all be top models in the magazine or the queen B but you can be your own beautiful. We need to know and accept that we can never be the same. There those with long hair, those with a to-die-for smile or long legs but at the end of the day do you appreciate the skin you have or the white teeth you’ve been blessed with? Remember to lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself. It is not easy but it’s worth it for you, basically you are the overall benefactor.DSC_0011-(3)-01-01

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that’s is the true essence of beauty.” Steve MaraboliDSC_0046-(5)-01

Have a lovely week beautiful person!

Remember its starts from within, you can’t love other people until you love yourself 🙂DSC_0107-(2)-01DSC_0065-(4)-01-01DSC_0062-(4)-01DSC_0034-(4)-01DSC_0021-(5)-01DSC_0013-(2)-01DSC_0007-(3)-01



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