IMG_20170429_074206Hello guys!

So first and foremost I would like to pass my appreciation to all my supporters out there,those who click on my weekly posts to read,those who press the like button,those who leave a comment, those who always give me ideas to work on and most of all my photographer friends who have walked with me through this path I took an year ago.

A year old._DSC2789-01

Yaaaaaass…!I just clocked one year in blogging and my-oh-my the journey has been really fun but it doesn’t lack its cons.Juggling my studies and my love for my blog is overwhelming.However, that is no reason to stop me from accomplishing in both fields.My plan is to work hard in improving my content.So love,here is where you come in,any ideas you would like me to work on please DM me on my Instagram page at Wambui Maina and I will appreciate it :)Are you a blogger?If so, am looking forward to collaborate with a few in our field so please Dm me too and let’s work together and create some magic._DSC2802-01

Remember to

“Stay hungry,good things come to those who work their a**** off and never give up”

Success is a process that requires hard work,patience and the will to pursue it.Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.Take me as an example;after I discovered my passion for blogging I decided to pursue it and I have never looked back from then,of course sometimes I question it but I find my rhythm back and keep myself motivated.Am not there yet but I believe my breakthrough is around the corner and so is yours.Just keep pushing and stay focused._DSC2793-01-01

Lovely weekend folks!



Coat and pair and shoes-Adam’s Arcade(Thrift is life!)

Neck-piece – DIY_DSC2805-01-01_DSC2808-01_DSC2807-01_DSC2782-01_DSC2769-01_DSC2758-01_DSC2760-01-01


Thanks for visiting today love




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