Romper_44-02Hello loves! It’s been a while since I was on this side. Well, I decided to take a little break but am good and more better than I left. I hope ya’ll are doing okay and staying fashionable as always 🙂

So this fine morning I got some tea for you, for all of you who like what I wear in my blog…Well

Romper_10-01Starting from this Episode I will be dealing with cute classy and most affordable thrift that are available for sale. What do I mean you may ask? Let me explain it for you hunny, so everything that I will be posting unless otherwise will be up for sale but there is a little twist loves, all clothes will be up for bidding (The highest bidder gets to take the item home and enjoys its service).Worried about the starting bid price? Worry not, am as friendly as I can ever be and trust me I mean it:)

So visit the following new page on Instagram BID IN STYLE and make it your friend for it will re-model your closet making it effortlessly chic, classy, edgy and most of all everything will be at a friendly price. What can be better than this?

How was my tea?Romper_33-01-01-01

Good? Definitely! I totally agree. So head on and share this with all your girl-friends and too let them get the best fashionable thrifts that there can ever be and oh! Remember click on the link >>BID IN STYLE and get to start your fashion experience where you bid in style. Moreso, there will be more classy thrifts available besides those in my blog.

So let’s get sharing, start bidding some nice clothes and staying fashionable

“Expensive doesn’t mean classy”

Missed you all, I hope it isn’t too late to say this since I started giving you some juicy info? I bet not :Romper_16-01-01

So today I decided to with a playful playsuit that is edgy an most of all classy.It’s all thrift,if you want to have cute staff like this visit bid_in style Instagram page


Romper_58-02Lovely week everyone!Romper_15-01-01Romper_56-01




Love, love and more love





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