Cullotes_59Happy Monday hunnies. Hoping your weekend has been great as mine was. Well, this morning as I was doing my morning routine make my bed, eat breakfast etc. etc. I was listening to some amazing talk from a successful networker and he was happening to talk about the seven ways of success. So I decided why not share this lessons with you and hope they may come in handy.PS:Most of my mornings I listen to this talks for daily motivation. It’s actually very important to say the least,they keep me motivated and focused during my busy day. Anyways here is everything:)

1.Desire for success: Here it’s all about having big dreams. Dreaming big  gives you inspiration and remember “If your dream doesn’t scare you probably it’s not big enough.” Success comes from the pursuit of dreams and when we don’t pursue them then a part of us dies.

2.Become an Expert :Now here is where I know most of us fall us victims. Why? Because it entails reading your way up. He advices us to read books and articles related to business ideas of interest. A good definition of an expert is someone who is at the top of 1% knowledge level compared to everyone in the world. So to become an expert reading should be a habit

3.Create a game plan: This is where we focus on goal setting. So there are must do(s) to make a fit plan;(FROM THINKING REAL RICH)

  •   Must have a specific goal.
  •   Must have a specific time frame to achieve your goal.
  •   It must be written down.
  • It must determine “The why” you want to achieve your goal.
  • Develop an action plan to achieve your goal.
  •   Look and think about at your goal everyday.

Every time you read you goal you put an imprint in your subconscious mind with that information. The subconscious mind is the one that brings the motivation, creativity needed to accomplish your goal. A goal needs to have a purpose for motivation(creating “The why” for achieving you goal).A good example; “I must achieve my goal so that my children will not live a life of poverty and mediocrity.”

4.Leadership;You have to stop looking for a leader and become one yourself. Set the bar high. A few guidelines to lead you

  • Leaders have bigger dreams.
  •   Leaders have positive attitude superior to those they lead.Remember attitude is contagious be it positive or negative but here is the funny part, the negative attitude moves faster and has a greater effect to people.
  •   Displaying commitment to Integrity and character:Do the right thing and people will respect that.Honour your word.
  •   Make a commitment to personal growth: People want to involve themselves with someone who grows.Note that Personal stagnation is the cause of decay and failure in life.
  •   Persistence and Determination: Never give up.True leaders will always find a way to solve a problem. Be it over, around or through the problem.

For today I will leave it at that. Let these few pointers motivate you on this Monday morning and the rest of the week ahead of us. Lovely week folks!

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Thanks for taking time to stop by

love, love and more love



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