Picture_21Hello love!
I have been a little quiet this side, well, my life got too busy however, that shouldn’t be a justification. Am currently learning how to multitask the do’s in my life. Anyways away from that, I have colored hair on! Purple to be specific and dear…! It was a super scary decision, why? You know the main thought of, what if the color/hairstyle backfires and end up looking like a clown? Yeah… no girl wants that, it’s never cute. Issa Nightmare.

Good news is, it all came out great actually, super great. I never thought that one day I could have the confidence to rock purple hair and look at me now! Haha. The curls make it look super sassy and how they fall, makes the hairstyle more flittering.

You probably wondering which hair it is, well, its Darling product baby…! And noo… it’s not a weave nor a wig its Crochets .You only need one pack and that’s it, to attain an afro-look.

Is it hard to maintain? No it’s not, what you actually need is a bottle of sheen. Spray the sheen anytime you go out to get a good shine/ glow to it. Oooh..! Don’t swim or shower with open hair it will definitely age your hairstyle. Shower/swim cap is required

Price? A pack goes for 650 Kenyan Shillings (remember you only need one pack).I think all cosmetic shops have it and if unfortunately you miss it, head on to Dubois street you will definitely get it there 
Does it limit your wardrobe decisions? Ummh… I don’t really think so, you just need to be a little creative and avoid too many colors in your outfit or play around with neutral colors just to be safe and that’s all.
We as ladies really don’t like heavy hairstyles on our heads since they tend to be super uncomfortable so, worry not. This crochet hairstyle is awesomely light, so you need not worry.Picture_14
That’s it about this bom hairstyle!
Do have a lovely week!  😛

Thank you for passing by
Love, love and more love




  1. sheila says:

    OMG! This is really beautiful and looks really good on you. Love how natural.and effortless it looks., definitely getting this one


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