1. I have a bit of an addiction to chocolates. I don’t really discriminate, give me either white or dark chocolate and I’ll do just about anything.
  2. I’m fascinated with tattoos but I would never get one myself.
  3. Am a huge fan of

    reality programs, the more the drama the juicer it is. My favorite of them all is Love and Hip-pop Atlanta.

  4. I rarely watch movies, I find them so short and rushed. I prefer series, they can take me almost a week to finish.
  5. Classic 105.2, is my cup of tea every morning. Love listening to the classic songs and Maina Kageni’s life talks. Who doesn’t? *eye roll*
  6. I hate hot/warm milk but when drinking chocolate is added everything changes
  7. Once upon a time ‘Courage the cowardly dog’ was one of my favorite cartoons and not forgetting ‘The Powerpuff Girls’
  8. I am obsessed with clean bathrooms .I believe it’s that one space that 99.9% cleanliness is required to be maintained. Do I sound crazy?
  9. Am attracted to men who smell really nice and their English game is on point. A man who is really hardworking and believes it’s necessary to open the door for a lady 😛
  10. I love to sing but unfortunately I have a terrible voice and I always change words of the original song. Haha.
  11. My sister is my best friend (I don’t really think she knows this), I practically tell her everything. My mum, too.
  12. I feel naked without an eye-liner *wink*
  13. Obsessed with bags. I have quite a number. My Favorite one, Mum gave it to me last year on my birthday.
  14. I wish I had a dog. I love them. One day I will find me a cute one.
  15. I’m terrified and I mean TERRIFIED!!!! Of worms. Even seeing them gives me goosebumps!
  16. I must have wet pipes in my bag. I can’t go out without them. MUST HAVE.
  17. My first kiss guys! Wasn’t terrible whatsoever, as most ladies have had their bad share. It was actually really good.
  18. Am scared of heights and funny enough, sky diving is in my bucket list. How sick is this?
  19. I hate with all my heart fake characters and liars. I have no room for this, I delete someone in a matter of seconds when I sense these habits.
  20. I love dressing up. Sometimes I might be in the house chilling then randomly, I walk to my room put some music on and start dressing up (This is one of my weird habits).
  21. The following is me in a nutshell – “That God fearing Girl next door, who loves fashion and appreciates her quiet space. Noisy sometimes and a sweet-tooth. Believes that love really exist.”

Those are the 21 random facts about Jayd. You are welcomed to share a few of yours in the comment section or on my Instagram page 🙂  Do have a lovely week!

Thank you for visiting today

Love love and more love



3 thoughts on “21 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME.

  1. sheila says:

    Dang! we are so different lol…but no.19 is the same for me., sth as litu as lying to me about your age & I block your sorry ass!


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