About Me

Hello!Welcome to Beingjaydjay.IMG_7516

Am Wambui Maina,I’m based in Kenya and have been running Beingjaydjay since 2016,April.Here I share my passion for fashion;a few tips and tricks on fashion trends.Moreso,a pinch of beauty hacks,a scoop of my favourite food + drink recipes and a hint of life inspo.Beingjaydjay is basically a well-rounded recipe for anyone who likes a little sugar and spice:)

My style philosophy is;Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.I’m a fan of bright colors,cool patterns and sexy heels.That being said, my biggest passions are cute short-shorts and colored sneakers.Oh and heels baby!Did I mention good homemade-food:)Yes!

More about me:

I really enjoy: Dressing up,Eating good food,Laughing and taking Sunday afternoon siestas πŸ™‚

Currently;A finance student

Obsessed;with chocolates and romantic novels.

Always watching;An episode of a really dramatic series or a reality show.

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