img_20170320_084800.jpgMarble art, unique, chic and colorful.

Hello, hope you had an amazing weekend!!So today on Manicure Monday, I will show you how to do this amazing manicure. You will be shocked with how easy it is. A few pointers to help you get the best marble art. Continue reading

MANICURE MONDAYS 001; Scale-print nail Art

img_20170311_092914-01.jpegHello there!

Am Wambui Maina and am a sucker for an amazing manicure. If you meet me, I think that’s the first thing you will notice 🙂 mainly because am the one who does them by myself. You’re  probably wondering how and the time i do all this, well darling! You are about to find out. Continue reading



It was a week ago,Sunday afternoon to be precise,I was relaxing on my sofa,yes my sofa apparently each chair in our living room has an owner(family things),watching American next top model and I remembered something,milk bath!I have been wanting to treat myself to a milk bath for a while now after coming across it when I was researching on easy ways to maintain a smooth skin.The info I got was unbelievable.I had to give it a try it.The benefit was that its a moisturizer to the skin giving it that amazing glow and making it soft too.Milk as it is the main ingredient it contains a form of alpha-hydroxy-acid that gently dissolves proteins to exfoliate dead skin cells,which brings out the younger looking skin underneath.
A simple milk bath requires; Continue reading