By now you all know my love for fashion is unconditional;amazing clothes,jaw dropping or simple neat shoes,casual makeup,a little bling here and there  etc to mention a few.It’s been a sweet journey to share my love of fashion and now am about to share another sweetheart of mine.Haha.One…two..three…okay before I mention what it is,I genuinely want to thank all my loyal supporters for the amazing support you’ve offered to me.Abundant love from I,Wambui Maina(Beingjaydjay).Back to what I was going to say earlier,let’s count again yes?To avoid spoiling the fun.haha.One…two…three…four we should count till hundred right?You probably getting tired of my lost game(am sure you in the know already)eyy…,anyway here goes everything my-other-lover-is(drum rolls)FOOD!I even wrote it in caps lock(LOL).Yeah who doesn’t love it anyway.Food,be it veggies,nice grilled ribs,cheesy carbs,juicy fruits;getting hungry already, love them all.This is the part I admit to you guys how much of a foodie I am.Sikupenda kwangu ni hali ya maisha.Yes I used that Juacali line.I probably use it a battalion of times in my day today ‘shughuli’ mostly when am in a point of justifying a crisis I am in but am not saying this is one, being a foodie isn’t,NO!I love and proud to be one.With that said,am happy you now know who this lover of mine is.Smile for me (say cheese 🙂 )img_20160826_171810-2.jpg.jpeg

So today’s post

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