conv_465.jpgYou survived what you thought would break you .Now straighten your crown and move forward like the Queen/King you are!

Hello there!

So today’s post will be short, simple and sweet 🙂 A little life inspo for you, beautiful person. So a couple days ago a friend of mine asked me “If you woke up and realized that you don’t know the one thing about life that is the most important, what would you do?” Confidently and honestly,I simply replied to the question “I would pray about it and ask God for understanding for such a situation.” Well, you probably wondering where am driving at … Continue reading



Flashback dinner,

Coming up with something to do for your special day should be easy right?Well, it kinda took me more time than expected before I settled for having dinner with some girlfriends and spend a little time together away from books and work;you know what?It was a really good Idea everything went down amazing.Good food and good friends what’s better than that?Anyways to cut the juicy gist short,I wanted to share with you the amazing moments we had but most of all *style yetu*,I find black to be ‘a magic color’ no matter how you dress it up or down it always suits and looks wonderful on each person.So today I share with you a couple of amazing outfits that each of my friend rocked in my birthday dinner,different ways to dress up on a black themed night and look classy and stylish:) Continue reading


It’s been an year of ups and downs;mistakes and lessons learnt,failure and growth,Losses and gains,pain and happiness and all in all am thankful to God am here healthy and strong.Funny enough my last time to celebrate my birthday was a decade ago,reasons?Ummh,none.I even forgot Continue reading



Hello am Jayd Wambui and today it’s all about an African Woman.My opinion on an African woman is; she is confident, opinion former, independent thinker, determined, smart, elegant, a friend, a sister, daughter, mother who goes against all odds to stand firm for what she believes in.She is kind, loving and beautiful in and out.

Since we getting to end-month,

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